45th District Court


Traffic cases involve state and local ordinance violations within the District Court jurisdiction. These are cases that the 45th District Court processes and report to other authorities including the Michigan Secretary of State. If you receive a traffic violation you have the following choices:

All fines are due within 14 days of the date listed on the ticket. If you appeared for a formal or informal hearing all fines/costs are due on the court date. MCR 1.110.

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Driving Record

A copy of the Register of Actions for traffic cases that occurred within the 45th District Court jurisdiction is available for a cost of $1 per page.

To obtain a driving record for cases outside the 45th District Court jurisdiction, you can purchase your own certified driving record for $8 at any Secretary of State Branch Office. Simply show your driver's license (no form required) and walk out with your record in hand. All offices accept cash and checks. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) are accepted at Secretary of State Plus and SUPER!Centers.

Walk-in customers requesting their own driving record may also obtain same-day service at the Secretary of State located at the Secondary Complex, 7064 Crowner Drive, Lansing. Walk-in requests for another person's record can be picked up the next business day (form required). A $7 fee is charged for each record transaction. In certain circumstances, the record may take longer to process. Walk-in requests for another person's driving record can ONLY be accepted and processed at the Secondary Complex.

If you received a ticket for both a civil infraction and a misdemeanor, please follow the misdemeanor instructions on the front of the ticket.