45th District Court

Small Claims

The Small Claims Division hears cases for up to $5,500. If your claim exceeds $5,500 and you file in the Small Claims Division, you waive your right to collect more than that amount.

Small Claims are initially heard by a magistrate. Either party may appeal the magistrate's decision within seven calendar days of the date of judgment. At this point, it is assigned to a judge for a re-hearing and the judge's decision is final and may not be appealed to a higher court.

When you file in the Small Claims Court, you waive or give up your right to:

To recover damages from a motor vehicle accident where the other driver is at fault and had insurance at the time of the accident, you are limited to the amount not covered by your insurance up to $500.

The prevailing parties are responsible for collections of judgments. Collection remedies include periodic and non-periodic garnishments, state income tax garnishment, execution against property, and creditors exam.

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