45th District Court

Probation Department

Probation is a sentencing alternative in which defendants are supervised in the community by a probation officer. The defendant is usually permitted to reside at home, maintain employment and carry out normal daily activities. A defendant placed on probation agrees to comply with specific conditions ordered by the Court. Some of the goals of probation are to:

Probation officers conduct pre-sentence investigations and substance abuse assessments. The pre-sentence investigation report assists the judges with the sentencing phase of the judicial process.

Mandatory Conditions of Probation

Defendants placed under the supervision of a probation officer must comply with all of the following conditions during their term of probation:

Supplemental Conditions of Probation

To further the goal of rehabilitation the judge may order additional conditions of probation, based on the needs of the defendant, victim or the community.

Meetings with the Probation Officer

At the first meeting, called an orientation, the probation officer reviews the Order of Probation, explains the defendant’s responsibilities, answers questions regarding the terms of probation and provides the defendant with goals to be achieved by the next appointment. At each oversight appointment the probation officer will check the progress of the defendant's compliance and obtain all written verification and documents submitted by the defendant. At all appointments you are expected to appear on time and not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Reporting to Your Probation Officer

Each probationer is responsible for reporting monthly as directed by their assigned probation officer. You may be directed to report in-person to your assigned probation officer for an oversight appointment. You may access a copy of the Supervision Report online and print the form. As directed the supervision form can be submitted by mail, fax, e-mail or in person at the 45th District Court clerk's window during business hours. The mailing address is:

45th District Court
13600 Oak Park Boulevard
Oak Park, Michigan 48237-2006

Paperwork may not be dropped of at the Probation Department. Access to the Probation Department and probation officers is by appointment only.

Probation Officer E-mail Addresses and Telephone Numbers



Telephone Number

Heather  Ruffles, Chief Probation Officer

(248) 691-7532

Kate Cronin, Probation Officer

(248) 691-7533

Greg J. Komarzec, Probation Officer

(248) 691-7535

Frequently Requested Telephone Numbers

PBT Testing
If you are ordered by the court to have random PBT testing at the 45th Probation Department testing program, either due to a bond condition or as part of your probation, use the following procedure:

Payment Instructions

Probation Costs
It is important to remember that probation is an alternative to jail.  As such, there are costs and fees associated with being on probation.  These include:

Oversight/Reporting (Monthly)




Probation fee



$3, $5 if done at Oak Park DPS

Fines, costs and fees are assessed on a case by case basis and can therefore vary. In general, fines, costs, fees assessed by the judge at sentencing for probation cases do not include costs that the probationer may have to pay for counseling, education; and treatment programs, drug/alcohol screening, tether/monitoring devices, Victim Impact Panel, etc., that may be ordered as conditions of probation. In addition, the State of Michigan requires that certain fees are assessed and collected at the District Court level, which can be included in the total balance owed by the probationer.

Change of Address Procedures

If a probationer's address changes during the term of probation, he/she is responsible for notifying the probation officer immediately. The probationer will be instructed to legally change their address with the Secretary of State and obtain a "Change of Address Sticker" to affix to their Driver's License or State of Michigan Identification. Once that task is complete, the probationer should proceed to the 45th District Court Clerk's office to complete a "Change of Address" form. The probationer will then turn the form and their driver's license over to the Court Clerk who will make a copy of the updated driver's license. The 45th District Court sends all mail to the probationers legal address listed on their driver's license or State of Michigan ID.

Important Telephone Numbers

This document contains telephone number that you should only contact if directed by your probation officer.